Rosewood Estates Winery

In this month’s three-pack, you will receive an aromatic gewürztraminer-mead blend (yes, mead!), crisp riesling, and bold cabernet franc that will have you buzzing about Rosewood Estates Winery.

2018 Mead Blanc
A silky blend of gewürztraminer grapes and estate honey fermented together. Wildflowers, fresh lime, and tropical fruit sail out of the glass leaving you with a hint of honey on the tongue. The perfect partner for Asian cuisine from spicy curries to sashimi and soy.

2016 Cabernet Franc
VQA Beamsville Bench, $40.00
The secret to this rich unfiltered red is minimal intervention in the winemaking process, natural yeast fermentation, and ample aging in French oak barrels. Ripe black fruit, spice, and smoke will liven up your palate and nothing will balance the tannins better than barbecued fare.

2017 Riesling AF
VQA Niagara Escarpment, $15.95
Not your average riesling. Wild yeast adds to the complexity of this wine. Expect tart granny smith apple, apricot, and citrus with racy acidity that pops on the palate. This is a wine made for delightful canapés and lazy Sunday brunches with friends.